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Baby Massage

 Baby massage has limitless benefits to both baby and their carer.  These 45 minute sessions would be carried out in the comfort of your own home over three weeks. Each session focuses on massaging a different part of the baby's body.

Group sessions and Baby Yoga coming soon!

Basic CPR for Babies and Young Children

This session would be offered within the comfort of your own home.  It aims to provide peace of mind for parents and carers should the unimaginable happen.  Learn basic first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation including what to do in the event of a baby or young child choking.


Private Health Visitor

Everyone in Scotland is entitled to a free NHS Health Visitor.  However, sometimes families would like a little extra support and advice, in particular outwith regular working hours. Serving west central Scotland, we offer bespoke one off sessions or a fully tailored HV package including regular weight checks, sleep advice and weekly home visits.  We also offer practical advice and support with both breastfeeding and formula feeding.


More details available on request.